Santa Monica and Sydney: Part One

Wow, where do I begin?? This was most certainly the trip of a lifetime! On January 19th, my friend Amy and I headed out to Los Angeles to begin our 2 and half week journey to Sydney and New Zealand. We started out in LA and took a mini-trip to Santa Monica. Having just come from the frozen tundra of the midwest, it was so refreshing to be in the warm weather! It was such an odd feeling to spend our vacation in summer, knowing that it was winter at home, sorry peeps, I know you got hit with some massive storms while we were gone!

After a 12 hour flight (and many many movies), we finally arrived in Sydney, 2 days later…What a weird concept it was to have flown half way around the planet and be 14 hours ahead of home. I have to say, it did take some getting used to! I won’t bore you with all the details of our trip here, we only had 3 days in Sydney before we had to fly out to New Zealand. But I do want to touch on the highlights of this magical city. First of all, Sydney was NOTHING like I thought it would be. Having not ever studied or learned about this place I wasn’t sure what to expect! I will try to explain the best way I can..if you take the best part of every city you have been to and combined them into one place, it would make Sydney!

We saw everything we could in 3 days, including the Opera House and the Mirazozo Experience, the Sydney Bridge (Which Amy bravely climbed), Darling Harbor, The Sydney Wildlife World (Where we got to pet a koala…not as soft as you would think), walk The Rocks, and we paid a visit to Manly Beach (probably my favorite experience)!

All in all I think we got a very good feel for what Sydney is all about, I am bummed we missed the Australia Day celebration, but I know someday soon I will be back to spend some more time in this beautiful country!

I do want to share this for you photographers out there…don’t forget to shoot for yourself! The best decision I made on this trip was to take only my film camera out exploring and shoot some images for myself and for my walls. It felt so good to create images and explore the world of photography in a different way. I love the image I got and am so happy I decided to do this for myself. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, let me know if you have questions! Stay tuned for part 2: New Zealand!