J + K: New Zealand Hindu Wedding

I was so honored to have been a part of this amazing wedding. When I got the call about it last year, I thought to myself “A Hindu wedding in New Zealand with the reception at a vineyard?? Who does this? How amazing is that going to be??”. I feel so fortunate and blessed that I was able to be a part of this experience. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to be photographing a wedding in New Zealand! Not only is the country itself gorgeous, but the bride and groom are stunning.

JenLynnePhotography01 JenLynnePhotography04 JenLynnePhotography03 JenLynnePhotography02

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JenLynnePhotography15 JenLynnePhotography26 JenLynnePhotography25 JenLynnePhotography24 JenLynnePhotography23 JenLynnePhotography22 JenLynnePhotography21 JenLynnePhotography20 JenLynnePhotography19 JenLynnePhotography18 JenLynnePhotography17 JenLynnePhotography16

JenLynnePhotography27 JenLynnePhotography38 JenLynnePhotography37 JenLynnePhotography36 JenLynnePhotography35 JenLynnePhotography34 JenLynnePhotography33 JenLynnePhotography32 JenLynnePhotography31 JenLynnePhotography30 JenLynnePhotography29 JenLynnePhotography28

JenLynnePhotography39 JenLynnePhotography42 JenLynnePhotography41 JenLynnePhotography40

JenLynnePhotography43 JenLynnePhotography48 JenLynnePhotography47 JenLynnePhotography46 JenLynnePhotography45 JenLynnePhotography44

JenLynnePhotography49 JenLynnePhotography55 JenLynnePhotography54 JenLynnePhotography53 JenLynnePhotography52 JenLynnePhotography51 JenLynnePhotography50

JenLynnePhotography56 JenLynnePhotography62 JenLynnePhotography60 JenLynnePhotography59 JenLynnePhotography58 JenLynnePhotography57

I have another post that I will be writing about my experiences in New Zealand, but for now I hope you have enjoyed the wedding pictures! HUGE thanks to Richard Photo Lab for processing all my film, you guys are the best!!

Ceremony Location: Swaminarayan temple

Reception Location: Kumeu Valley Estate