I really debated on whether or not to post these pictures, but after a lot of thinking I realized that the inspiration I got for my packaging came from the kind hearted photographers who blogged about their packaging. As I am sure they got their inspiration from others along the way. Now that my packaging is finally done I feel like I would be keeping something from you if I didn’t post a few images πŸ™‚

And so I present my care packages. While my brides, grooms and their families are happily view their wedding pictures in their galleries, I am working in my office, painstakingly putting together these little beauties for them. Each package Β is a little bit different and contains a little surprise for each couple. After months of getting together all the pieces, I am happy to say that I came up with a final product that is not only vegan, but is about 90% up-cycled. The boxes are hand crafted out of recycled barnwood, the note cards and envelopes are made out of handmade cotton paper, the cotton balls are organic, the tin plate with my name on it is made from recycled tin, the tags are all up-cycled paper.. and so on.. It makes me happy to know that I am doing a small part to keep our earth alive and green πŸ™‚

So enjoy the pictures, and I hope that for the photographers out there you are able to gain some inspiration on your own “packaging journey”!