Lake Tahoe family photography

Lake Tahoe Family Photography

Lake Tahoe family photography dates: Each year I am asked many times to photograph families in Lake Tahoe. Often, I

Maggie and Joe : Chicago Botanic Gardens

Wow, I don’t even know where to start with describing this unbelievable wedding at the Chicago Botanic Gardens in

A Journey to Parts Unknown: Kerala, India

Looking back through my posts of India, I realized that there are a few moments I did not mention. In my previous post

Bear Marries Brad in Pennsylvania

First look location: Hunting Hill Mansion Wedding venue: Anthony Wayne House Florist: Julie

A Journey to Parts Unknown : Hindu Festival

I suppose if you are going to India, there is no better way to experience it than by going to a Hindu Festival. Over

Brittany and Joe: Waterfront Wedding in Seattle

Brittany and Joe’s wedding was the perfect trifecta, it was in Seattle (my home town), they are wedding

Fishermen in Chowara India

A Journey to Parts Unknown : Fishing in India

This is the story of the fishermen on the beaches of Chowara, India. Almost immediately upon our arrival at the beach

A journey to Parts Unknown : Abu Dhabi

A Journey to Parts Unknown: Abu Dhabi

In late January I returned from the trip of a lifetime. Upon entering the United States I realized just how much this