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Family time

Growing up in our family there was always a camera around, even when you least expected it. So while I was out in

To my sister…

Over the last few years I have watched you grow from being a college student, to getting your masters degree, to

The Mamiya Challenge

New York City Photography: A few weeks ago I wrote about the challenges of using my Mamiya C330 camera. Each time I

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy’s out there!

challenge squared..

As a photographer and as an artist I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone


Sometimes, when I come across images like this, I remember that I need to put down the camera and experience what is


Taken in NYC on my Mamiya c330. Limited edition prints available HERE Please contact me for additional information.

Best of 2012

Yes, I know I am a bit late getting these up. Better late than never, right? So here we are, 2013.. what a crazy year

Mexico- Some Personal Work

I mentioned in my post about FIND Mexico how important personal work is as a photographer. Here are some of the images